picture of Cristin Wildbolz house

1. Spend your Holidays or Time out in small romantique gardenhouse!

You can rent this cottage for a holiday or time out. There is a simple cooking and outdoor wash facility (ecologic).

Costs: 2 days 100 sfr; 5 days 320 sfr. Longer Periods are possible. Sheets and towels at your disposal.

Cancelling: 3 days before arrival. More specific information via email: nitsirc(at)gmail.com

2. Spend your Holidays or Time out in the main building, old farmerhouse!

You can rent this house for a period of 3 to 5 days. There is a bathroom, kitchen, salon, 2 bedrooms upstairs.4 Persons max.

Costs: 3 days 300 sfr; 5 days 400 sfr. Longer Periods are possible on demand. Sheets and towels at your disposal.

Cancelling: 4 days before arrival. More specific information via email: nitsirc(at)gmail.com

3. Guided, or independant Retreat

Eggstalden, Switzerland

How can I get peace and rest while facing important stress situations, depression or mourning? How can I find new perspectives while dealing with trauma? And what when I simply do NOT KNOW? How can I rest in a storm of physical pain, worrying and huge emotions?

Eggstalden is a place of deep inner silence: Here you experience the sounds of nature as water, wind and you breath fresh air. Your inner being moves towards stillness and visions come back. You are not alone!

My support is adjusted to your own unique situation and needs.

- There is time for self reflexion, for writing, for Being
- Two treatments of craniosacral therapy work and coaching.

The goal is: to become aware of your situation, to clear up priorities and to realise the next step in your actual situation. A small beautiful workspace will be your personal, independant living space for 2 or 3 days. Retreats for a longer periode are possible. My presence is guaranteed full time, in case you wish to get that service.
I offer this possible retreat from March until November. Guided retreats and treatments are offered from Thursday until Sunday

Variations and combinations of choices
Bed&Breakfast 50 sfr night
1 session cranio sacral work 80.00 sfr
1 session massage classic 80.00 sfr
Guided walking in silence in nature 20.00 sfr
Guided Meditation 50.00sfr
Guided in verbal exchange/coaching 20.00 sfr
Heating fee (depending on seasons) 15.00 sfr box
Full time support50.00 sfr.
Workspace simple stay without service 30.00 sfr. day

Variations and combinations of choices

This beautiful cosy cottage is featured with essential furniture such as a bench with 1,9 x 1,80m matras (fouton), sheets and bedcover, worktable, chair, electric lightsources, simple cookingplate for koffee/tee,watersupply in container, covered terrasse with table and chair and beautiful free sight towards the mountains. Shared toilette and kitchen infrastructure in the livinghouse 30 meters to walk. Three kind and charming cats live on the territory, exept within the cottage.

Breakfast: fresh bread, marmalade, honey, cheese, bisquits, koffee, tea, milk, fruit, egg, individual requests are possible.
How to get there: You reach this beautiful place with public transport. I will get you at the postcarstation in the village nearby. There is a garage 100m down the hill for your car.

You like to know more? Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Cristin Wildbolz

Cristin Wildbolz

Craniosacral Work,
Musicus and Guide for retreats.
Application and Information:
079 764 57 13

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